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About Lynx

Who is Lynx?

Lynx is a Canadian songwriter whose musical style is an organic weave of lyrics and sound with folk rock leanings.  His words and music are intensely observational about life, and evocative of nature within and without us.  His namesake is the near mythical creature of the Canadian wild.

What inspires Lynx?

Lynx draws his inspiration, like so many artists, from the life and loves around us.  His songs are intensely original in terms of chord progressions and story telling.  Over the course of time his musical inspirations have included Bruce Cockburn, Paul McCartney, Sting and Coldplay.

How is the Lynx sound made?

The Lynx recordings to date have been a collaboration with his best friend, veteran producer and recording engineer Sy Potma of Acoust F/X, a lifelong leader in the Canadian music industry.  The location of Sy's moveable studio has ranged from Toronto to Long Point to London, Ontario.  

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